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Mindfulness based cretive arts therapy empowers you to journey within to be with your life ... to access insight and inspiration enabling meaningful life choices. Arts therapy is not so much about creating fine arts, but using the arts to access, express and forge joyful and meaningful living. Currently on offer: The Body Reveals Workshop series & Dream Works. Perfect for all attending to personal and professional development.


"We are born to move. Listening within… letting your body speak its mind a wealth of wisdom is revealed."

What is Mindfulness in Motion?

Mindfulness invites us to be fully aware, present in the here and now, with an open, receptive, patient and compassionate attention to experience, i.e. without judgement. We are invited to be mindful of our breath, our body, our emotions, our thoughts and the world around us. Mindfulness also invites us to awareness of the quality of our interactions with others and the world. To cultivate mindfulness, formal practices are usually associated with sitting or walking meditation.

Mindfulness in Motion is a moving practice. You are guided to be present, to listen and feel within, opening to inhabiting (not inhibiting) your body with awareness and experience your body’s inspiration to walk, move freely, even be still.

The Body Reveals?

The body houses our history, our experience ... including the great richness in our less conscious awareness. As the mind becomes an impartial witness, no longer directing the body, the body reveals itself as a wonderful tool for unlocking insight and inspiration, strengths and skills we may not be normally be aware of in our everyday life. We access more of our intuitive and creative self.

As we enter the body, exploring our experience, we open to our feelings, unravel stress, release emotion and face our fears with greater ease. We free the body, open the heart and access our wisdom for living. We then have a wealth choice to apply insights into our lives and reap results from the change.

Background to the Body Reveals Project

I first explored mindfulness based movement practice with Helen Poynor in her 'Walk of Life' program when living in Sydney. Whilst I awkwardly entered my body, I felt I had also found a way to journey home to myself through the practice.

During 2000-2004 I completed Post Graduate and Masters programs in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy which uses a variety of creative modalities and processes to support and foster self-exploration and personal development. These included: body awareness, movement, dance, writing, poetry, mark making, drawing, painting, sculpture, music and more,
In combination with talking, creative modalities can be used to investigate important life matters of interest and concern in a meaningful and empowering way.

The Body Reveals program evolved out of my love of movement as a way of exploring experience. In resting the conscious mind and it's familiar ways and entering the body I found a powerful way to tend my inner life where much was revealed. I sifted experiences, tended my heart, found a world of treasure and greater freedom to be myself.

The program was originally developed as a series of processes over 3 workshops:

* The Poetry of the Body
* Dancing in the Flames (Dealing with a Dilema)
* Moving Into Freedom

This year I have felt inspired to offer a weekly and monthly opportunity for people to explore the power of movement calling this Mindfulness in Motion - The Body Reveals.

Is this for me?

There is something for everyone. These processes have value for you if you are interested in:

* Personal development, insight and skills for life
* Professional development and debriefing through movement
* The body, releasing tension and cultivating health and healing
* The arts, including performance, exploring creativity and authentic expression

For some people talking about their experience can be challenging and their self expression is aided non verbally and given a voice through the various creative arts modalities.

What to Expect?

You are invited to be present, open, interested, aware, attentive to your life as it is. My role is to guide you exploration of being in the body via various prompts and themes which act as springboards in support of embodying experience and opening to the body’s capacity for a wide range of movement or dance. You are supported in exploring matters of interest, unraveling body mind tension, deepening personal understanding and in support of employing meaningful insights into life.

The focus is personal and the approach experiential (not experimental). Individual process and pace is respected and support. Optional session times are outlined below.

Mindfulness in Motion - The Body Reveals


When: To be advised
Location: Mt Pleasant, Mackay Qld 
Bring: Journal, blank paper, pen, pencils/crayons.
Fee:  To be advised


The Body Reveals Series of Workshops has the following aims:

The Poetry of the Body: is the first workshop in the series and offers you the opportunity to ease into engaging with the body, exploring the body’s capacity for movement and expression in support of deepening self awareness. As you develop relationship with your body, opening to your body's inspiration to move ... insight and inspiration emerge.

Explore the poetry of the body in motion and meet the poet within.

Dancing in the Flames (Dealing with a Difficulty / Dilemma): You are guided in this session to utilize movement / dance to attend to a question, a matter of concern, a life challenge, physical or emotional tension. You will gain personal insight and inspiration, inner resources and resilience to be with the matter with greater ease and courage. Please note: For clarification purposes, in this context ‘flames’ refers to a life situation which has intensity, pressure or heat. Participants will not be physically dancing in fire.

Going within ... listening, surrendering, moving, the body reveals its wisdom.

Moving into Freedom: supports you to explore embodying an intention, an aim, a goal. This process invites a journey with your feeling imagination, exploring conscious intention and uncovering less conscious resistance. The aim is for you to acess insight and inspiration as well as experience an enhanced sense of clarity, confidence and empowerment to move forward in your intention.

Support for life's journey and being who you are inspired to be.

The Workshops:

Poetry of the Body
When: Dates to be advised

Dancing in the Flames (Dealing with a Dilemma)
When: Dates to be advised

Moving into Freedom
When: Dates to be advised

Location: Mt Pleasant, Mackay Qld
Bring: Journal, blank paper, pen, pencils/crayons.

Enrolling: Each workshop has a unique focus and whilst there is an embedded progression, there is no requirement to attend all workshops. Please note, however, the Poetry of the Body workshop is a prerequisite for the workshops Dancing in the Flames and Moving into Freedom as it lays foundations and develops your familiarisation with the processes.

Recognition of Support: In 2013 this program was assisted into fruition by a Mackay Regional Council: Regional Arts Development Fund grant and mentored by Juliette Kalifa.

"Dance the dilemma, dance your dreams,
dance your way to freedom."


DreamWork is soulful adventure.

Are you looking for a quiet, meaningful way share an evening with a peer or friend.

Dreams speak to us in a very personal symbolic language, offering insight and guidance for our lives. Our task - to excavate their uniquely personal meaning.

In this small group (4-6) we honour dreams as distinctly individual and will not rely on dream interpretation books. Each session you will be guided to journey within to interact with and understand your dreams.

We will focus on utilizing time honoured effective tools (Experiential: Jungian & Gestalt) to explore the uniquely personal wisdom within your dreams.

Location: Mt Pleasant, Mackay Qld
When: 6-7.30pm 1st Friday each month. Start anytime of the year.

Bring: Journal, blank paper, pen, pencils/crayons.

"A dream unexamined, is like a letter unopened."
For more information please call or email.


  • Masters in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy (Counselling) (MIECAT, Melbourne)
  • Post Grad Diploma in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT)
  • Neurolinguistic Programming / Neuro Semantics (Petersen Events)
  • Diploma of Oriental Therapies (Shiatsu) (Nature Care College, Sydney)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (Nature Care College, Sydney)
  • Yoga Teaching (Oki Yoga Dojo, Japan)
  • Diploma of Teaching (QIT, Brisbane)
  • Cert IV in Workplace Assessment & Training (MADEC, Mackay)

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