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0401 036 662
Mt Pleasant, Mackay, Queensland

Come and enjoy Yoga & Mindfulness practices ... cultivating the powers of awareness and kindness for living mindfully, at peace with self, others and all life. There's something for everyone whether you seek a self awareness, wellbeing, a resilient heart, a strong and flexible body and mind, or recovery from illness. Studio Mt Pleasant & Mackay City Heart.

Details of yoga and mindfulness classes & retreats below.

Mindfulness, A path to emotional resilience

Cultivating presence ... awareness deepens, clarity arises, wellbeing increases and our hearts awaken in compassion.

Being present and truly aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions we witness how these shape our life ... our work, relationships, home life and day to day experiences. But are we truly aware and do we take the time to cultivate awareness and crucial skills to live wisely and deeply.

You may find yourself moving from task to task, distracted at times, You may yearn for more meaning in life, more closeness with others. You may feel tossed about on the seas of life, emotions up and down, accepting this as "normal".

It has been said of this human condition that life contains 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows.  It's understandable we can be sorely challenged navigating difficult life circumstances.

If this is your experience you may benefit from learning valuable skills to increase awareness and transform your life, skills to centre yourself, cultivate clarity and emotional resilience. 

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How Mindfulness Can Benefit Your Life

By becoming more aware we enhance our capacity to cope with life's challenges with greater dignity and grace. You will learn to nurture the following:

  • Presence:  Learning to bring presence to your interactions with the world, slowing your responses versus reacting
  • Self Awareness:  Cultivating a deep attention, clarity into how your mind is perceiving, thinking creating, generating feelings and responses to your day to day experience.
  • Wisdom:  Recognising your ability to choose to be less identified with unhelpful patterns of thinking, freer to respond to your values, to life, with greater wisdom and compassion.
  • Healing:  Learning how to be with strong emotions, thoughts and feelings, without fear which can be barriers to being 'present' with clarity.
  • Calm & Centered:  Increasingly able to remain calm and less identified with perceptions, opinions, expectations, likes and dislikes and less reactive. Learning to stay calm, focused and centred irrespective of life events and circumstances.
  • Connectedness: Bringing awareness into your relationships and profoundly improving the quality of your interactions with yourself, others and all life.
  • Kindness & Compassion: Learning to access a kind and loving awareness for yourself and the world.
  • Vitality: With insight to respond to life with greater clarity and compassion, we free our vitality for life 

Deepening awareness of thoughts, you will cultivate consciousness, uncover insight, explore your values, find meaning, cultivate loving kindness thereby strengthening skills and confidence for living.

Cultivating a mindfulness practice enables you to let go focusing in unhelpful ways on past matters, future matters, desires, fears and expectations, returning to focus on being with 'what is' in the present.

This does not mean you stop reflecting and learning from the past or stop planning for the future, rather it enables greater clarity and a capacity to become present to the richness of each moment you are alive.

Mindfulness Coaching

Whether you are just starting a mindfulness practice or you've been practising for a while my approach is to seek to understand your personal needs, support your exploration of mindfulness practices during our time together and support you to identify practices of benefit to you in developing a home practice.  

Mindfulness: Mindful Living Program & Retreats (Currently not available)

You might like to learn and explore valuable Mindfulness practices in one or more of the following ways in a small group:  (Details further below)

    • Half Day Retreats
    • Full Day Retreats
    • Mindful Living Program

Enjoy coming together in a small group.

Mindfulness Retreats: Half & Full Day (Currently not available)

Enjoy a rare and precious opportunity to have some time to yourself free of the pressure of responsibilities, demands and expectations, immersing in mindfulness:

  • Monthly themes
  • Meditation and reflection, deepening self awareness, cultivating wellbeing
  • Discussion on utilising mindfulness in everyday life including difficult situations.


Half Day:   7am - 11am.  Fee: $85 inc vegan B'fast
Currently not available

Full Day:   7am - 3pm.  Fee:  165 inc vegan B'fast & Lunch
Dates:       Winter 2 June;  Spring:  1 Sept;  Summer:  1 Dec

Payment:  Prepayment reserves a place for you. 
Location:   Mt Pleasant, Mackay, Qld

Dedicate yourself to the nourishing practice of mindfulness!
Mindfulness, a path to emotional resilience

Mindful Living Program

A comprehensive program in Mindfulness, the guiding philosophy, of mindful meditation practices and living mindfully. Each session focuses on a different theme; opportunity for personal reflection and group discussion on integrating mindfulness into everyday life.


When:      5.30-7.30pm Tuesdays
Dates:      Currently not available

When:      2-4pm Saturdays
Dates:     Currently not available

Location:  Mt Pleasant, Mackay, Qld

Cultivating insight and skills for meaningful living.

Introductory Workplace Sessions

There is a revolution sweeping the world and that revolution is mindfulness. The concept of mindfulness, the practices, the tools for living are being introduced in government and community organisations, from schools to business, to the army.

Enhancing employee wellbeing and cultivating happier workplaces.

For more information about what may best suit your needs or to enrol - just call or email!

Mindfulness Testimonials

"I have learned mindfulness techniques before and your sessions have provided a depth which has enabled me to now use mindfulness more constructively. I appreciate your attentiveness and interest in people." Terry

"The program was very useful to help me re-evaluate my thinking and perceptions. It has given me tools to continue with into the future. A heartfelt thank you." Olivia, Teacher

"Every session was helpful, the information, the reflection, the discussion and the meditation practices and I use it in the classroom." Melissa, Teacher

"The program was excellent and very relevant to my needs. I found the various meditation practices very useful." K, Allied Health Worker

"I now accept myself." Sharon, Mother

"The program opened my eyes to how my mind functions. I have gained great insight into how my mind works and great tools for becoming more mindful in everyday life to find peace." anon

"Mindfulness has saved me. It was the best part of my recovery. I'm now working and life is on track. I continue the practice." anon

Others report: "As my practice develops and strengthens I experience deepen awareness, increasing personal insight, am less reactive, manage pain and stress, let go to more acceptance, have greater compassion for myself and others as well as feel generally more peaceful and happier."

May you be at peace.


  • Masters in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy (Counselling) (MIECAT, Melbourne)
  • Post Grad Diploma in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT)
  • Neurolinguistic Programming / Neuro Semantics (Petersen Events)
  • Diploma of Oriental Therapies (Shiatsu) (Nature Care College, Sydney)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (Nature Care College, Sydney)
  • Yoga Teaching (Oki Yoga Dojo, Japan)
  • Diploma of Teaching (QIT, Brisbane)
  • Cert IV in Workplace Assessment & Training (MADEC, Mackay)

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