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A living yoga practice cultivates a world of peace in everyday life. There's something for everyone whether you seek a resilient heart, self awareness, wellbeing, a strong and flexible body and mind, or recovery from illness. Mt Pleasant & Mackay City Heart. Yoga Works and Mindfulness Program details below.

Yoga Works: Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life
Mindfulness: a path to emotional resilience
(Mindfulness details follow Yoga details)

2 beautiful studio spaces - indoor and a garden outlook.
Fully equipped catering for 6-8 participants.
Come and experience personal support.

Yoga: A path uniting body, heart and mind in serenity and strength.

Guiding you to go within ... TO BE MINDFUL, breath by breath, PATIENTLY, exploring body, heart & mind ... DEEPENING ACEPTANCE, letting go force ... OPENING THE HEART to self acceptance & compassion for all ... DEEPENING AWARENESS, surrendering unhelpful ways, FOSTERING grace & balance, posture & poise ... MOVING ... BODY & MIND, gently unravelling stress & tension ... STRENGTHENING, building endurance & openness ... CALMING, relaxing revitalising ... cultivating PEACE.

Who Can Come To a Yoga Session?

Yoga sessions are open to anyone wanting to explore self awareness. Sessions are designed so you can practice gently or strongly, responsive to your ability, your needs and how you are feeling at all times. Some sessions are more suited to beginners and it can be best to begin with these classes to enter into the practice with ease.

Come along with an openness, a playfulness and compassion for yourself and your body. With patience, the practice deepens awareness and aliveness, strength and stamina, clarity and calmness, wisdom and wellness, kindness and compassion. I hope you enjoy this approach to yoga.

About the yoga practice

All classes include a combination of:
* Yoga postures - for the body's strength & flexibility, internal systems and balance
* Breath exercise - for calming the mind and emotions
* Meditation - for cultivating deepen insight, wisdom and compassion
* Relaxation - deep rest for the body
* Yoga for daily life - a dash of yoga philosophy for the heart and mind
* Health care - seasonal self care wellness tips


An invitation to come and share a yoga practice.
Please be in touch before attending.

  • Mondays: 10.15am Gentle Beginners: Suit >60s (60 min)
  • Mondays: 5.45pm Vinyasa: Evening Flow (75 min)

  • Tuesdays: 6.30am Beginners: 5 Wk Intro (60 min)
  • Tuesdays: 4.00pm Vinyasa: Slow Flow (60 min)

  • Wednesdays: 7.00am Vinyasa: Morning Flow (60 min)
  • Wednesdays: 5.45pm Candlelight Beginners: 5 wk Intro (75 min)
  • Wednesdays: 7.00pm Mindfulness Meditation (75 min)

  • Thursdays: 6.00am Vinyasa: Dynamic Flow (60 min)
  • Thursdays: 4.00pm Calm: Release, Relax (60 min)

  • Fridays: 9.15am Do-In: Asian Gentle Self Care Therapy (60 min)

  • Saturdays: 8am (Winter 8.30am) Vinyasa: Go with the Flow (75 min) O'doors

  • Sundays: 4pm Nourish: Move Rest Meditate (60 min) Garden Studio

  • Private Sessions: (Recommended initially for specific needs)

    Eating: Avoid eating 2 hours before a class. Ensure you are hydrated.
    If you must eat, only have a very light snack.

    About Yoga Classes

    In all classes you are guided to practice with care and respect for your body, avoiding force, pacing yourself. You will feel the body gently energised, mind and emotions calming and tension sliding away.

    Location & More
    Bring: Yoga mat, towel, water, comfortable clothes for ease. In winter - warmer clothes, socks and warm cover.

    Location: Mt Pleasant & City. Please contact before attending.

    About Each Class

    BEGINNERS & CANDLELIGHT BEGINNERS: 5 Week Introduction: Open to all, these sessions provide a sound foundation in yoga's basic postures and breathing practices with a little guiding philosophy for the heart and mind. You are supported to respect your body's ability without force. You will learn to position, align and move your body wisely, gently explore strengthening and stretching. promote inner health, learn to develop good posture and graceful movement in your everyday life and cultivate a deepening peace.

    GENTLE BEGINNERS: Suited to those with physical restrictions, recovering from injury or illness, needing a gentle practice as well as the over 60s. Similar to Beginners, yet a gentler practice.

    VINYASA / FLOW: In these sessions the practice develops and the postures flow one to another in a variety of short sequences. The practice has an aerobic quality and gradually builds strength and stamina physically and mentally.. Suited to those who have a foundation in the basic postures and ease of movement. Benefits include feeling more supple, strong, clear and relaxed.

    VINYASA: EVENING FLOW & MORNING FLOW: The evening practice is designed to support participants unwind and unravel tension as the day draws to an end. The morning practice is a little more active to support participants to enter the day energised.

    VINYASA: SLOW FLOW: This afternoon session is an active yet slow practice a step up from beginners. The slow pace supports participants to refine the basics whilst enjoying various sequenced movements designed to release tension, strengthen and gently energise.

    VINYASA: GO WITH THE FLOW: Enjoy a Saturday morning practice in nature, by the river. The practice varies in responsive to participants' needs on the day. Some sessions are slower, others more dynamic and naturally everyone is encouraged to practice according to their needs on the day.

    VINYASA: DYNAMIC FLOW: This practice is an active and energising practice for those with experience in the basics, looking to start the day feeling strong and empowered.

    CALM Combining gentle floor based movements that support you to unravel tension and unwind, yoga's breathing practices to calm the heart-mind, with supported resting postures that are deeply relaxing. The aim is to support you to experience and return to an abiding calmness within. Beneficial for you if you are needing support towards the end of the week, or experience stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, burnout, limits to movement or simply need to slow down.

    DO-IN Japanese Self Care Therapy: This traditional practice combines gentle stretches with various easy self massage techniques to help regulate and energise the various body systems, relieve symptoms of everyday illnesses. Do-In is beneficial for those with restrictions to movement, recovering from illness, chronic fatigue or burnout and those over 60.

    NOURISH: Also suitable for all, these Sunday sessions are designed to support you in your needs on the day. nclude yoga postures to harmonise and nourish the body and it's various systems, balancing postures to centre and ground, supported resting postures for deep relaxation and meditation practices. All designed to nourish and support you in your needs on the day. Movement is also balanced with restfulness.

    MINDFULNESS MEDITATION: Sessions include a brief talk / discussion on a theme, applying mindfulness practices in our everyday life, guided meditation practice, questions and answers over chai tea. There is the option of seated, resting and movement based meditation practices. Movement based practices are a great way to meditate if you feel restless or have difficulty in seated or lying meditation.

    Private Sessions: Individual, Small Groups, Workplace

    Sessions are available for those with difficulties or those who need or would like individualized care.

    Private sessions are tailored to suit you if you:
    * Have a specific health challenge, requiring individual support
    * Need a remedial program before joining group classes
    * Prefer to practice alone and want a home program
    * Have a small group of people who want to explore yoga
    * Have a small group wanting to practise regularly together

    Individual Sessions:
    Initial Session: 90 mins $120 includes notes
    Subsequent Sessions: 60 mins $80

    Groups: By arrangement.

    Uniting body, heart & mind
    in serenity & strength.


    "I'm beginning my 10th year of yoga classes with you. I thought to acknowledge what I have appreciated and gained from this. I am a healthier, happier, calmer and more relaxed individual. I have also benefitted from your meditation and resilience sessions as well. I appreciate your wisdom and the many insights and thoughts you have shared over the years. Thank you."
    Phillip, Retired Principal, Partner, Father.

    "Thank you for yet another wonderful year of yoga." "It's the only time in the week I really have to myself and it's so important."
    Debi, Partner, Mother, Business Owner.

    "Thank you for the wonderful yoga experience. Your classes were a sanctuary, a joy and inspiration."
    - Jessica, Mother.

    "I haven't felt this good in years. Thanks for changing my life."
    - Kathy, Hairdresser.

    "Life is full. This is my time. I can walk in tired, leave relaxed and energised."
    - T. Mother, Partner, Employee.

    "After the first class, my back began to feel better. I'd spent a fortune on different treatments. I'm now doing something about the problem myself."
    - Anon, Tradesman.

    "I use what I learn in classes in everyday life. It helps me stay calm and not react. I look at difficulties differently. I'm happier."
    - J, Professional.

    "I appreciate the unique style of yoga you share. I love the words you use, they get me thinking, make me more aware of where my mind is, where it takes me if I'm not aware. I feel so good when my body has released trapped energy I've held for years with all my might! It's a pleasure to do yoga with you."
    - Petra, artist

    Mindfulness, A path to emotional resilience

    Cultivating presence, awareness deepens, hearts awaken.

    Our emotional resilience can be sorely challenged depending on the nature and number of stressors we face at any time. If you find it difficult to navigate life's challenges you may benefit from furthering your inner life skills to cultivate emotional resilience.

    You might like to explore Mindfulness practices and Meditation in one or more of the following ways:

    Weekly Practice: 7pm Wednesdays
    Mindfulness Day Retreat:8am-5pm Sundays (Bi-monthly, dates below)
    8wk Mindfulness Program, A path to emotional resilience: 7-9pm Tuesdays. (Each season, dates below)

    Why Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness is a quality of presence characterised by a purposeful, relaxed and open attention on your experience along with a compassionate awareness. Mindfulness is a state of impartial, open, deeply interested attentiveness to your experience as it is, in the moment.

    The practice enables you to let go focusing in unhelpful ways on past matters, future matters, desires, fears and expectations, returning to focus on being with 'what is' in the present. This does not mean you stop reflecting and learning from the past or stop planning for the future, rather it enables an increasingly rich "present moment" awareness of your life.

    What will you learn?

    You will learn how to cultivate a deep attention, deepening awareness of how your mind is perceiving, thinking creating, generating feelings and responses to your day to day experience. With practice, you are increasingly able to remain calm and less identified with perceptions, opinions, expectations, likes and dislikes and less reactive.

    You are also able to choose to be less identified with unhelpful patterns of thinking and you will be freer to respond to your values, to life, with greater wisdom and compassion.

    How will you benefit?

    Regular practice helps us wake up from automatic and habitual ways of thinking, reacting as well as unconscious fears. It is an effective way to get in touch with your wisdom and vitality for life, becoming present to the richness of each moment you are alive.

    This practice offers you inner life skills for going within, becoming 'present', enabling you to deepen self awareness. You will learn how to be with strong emotions and pain, without fear which can be barriers to being 'present'.

    Deepening awareness of thoughts, you will cultivate consciousness, uncover insight, explore your values, find meaning, cultivate loving kindness -strengthening your skills and confidence for living.

    2018 Program

    Enjoy coming together in a small group (Maximum 8 participants).

    Mindfulness Retreat: A Day of Mindfulness

    Enjoy a rare and precious opportunity to have some time to yourself free of the pressure of responsibilities, demands and expectations. A day of:immersing in mindfulness:
    * Guiding philosophy
    * Meditation and reflection, deepening self awareness
    * discussion on utilising mindfulness in everyday life including difficult situations.

    When: 8am-5pm Sundays: 18 Mar; 20 May; 15 July; 2 Sept; 4 Nov
    Fee: $155 inc Lunch, M & A teas; Manual $18
    Payment: Prepayment of $155 reserves a place. Payment Options.
    Location: Mt Pleasant, Mackay, Qld

    Dedicate yourself to a nourishing day of mindfulness!

    8wk Program Mindfulness a path to emotional resilience

    A comprehensive program in Mindfulness, the guiding philosophy, of mindful meditation practices and living mindfully. Each session focuses on a different themes; opportunity for personal reflection and group discussion on integrating mindfulness into everyday life.

    When: 6.30-8.30pm TuesdayStarting: 6 Feb; 17 Apr; 17 July; 9 Oct.
    Alternative program time for your group
    Fee: 8 Sessions $295. Manual $35. Extra 2 Sessions $100.
    Payment: Deposit $150 to reserve a place. Balance payable first session. Payment Options.
    Location: Mt Pleasant, Mackay, Qld

    Cultivating insight and skils for meaningful living.

    Weekly Practice Sessions

    Sessions include an introduction to a mindfulness theme and applying this in everyday life, a guided meditation, discussion / Q & A regarding the practice and application of mindfulness in various life situations.

    When: 7-8.15pm Wednesdays
    Fee: 5 passes $85; 10 passes $150; Casual $18
    Location: Mt Pleasant, Mackay, Qld

    *** Please contact me before you first attend the Wednesday sessions and thereafter please send a brief sms if you are attending. ***

    Enjoy a guided practice and companionship of others cultivating mindfulness.

    Introductory Workplace Sessions

    There is a revolution sweeping the world and that revolution is mindfulness. The concept of mindfulness, the practices, the tools for living are being introduced in government and community organisations, from schools to business, to the army. Your workplace can benefit from:

    * A tailored Introductory session and/or
    * 4, 6 or 8 week program

    Please call or email for further information.

    Enhancing employee wellbeing and cultivating happier workplaces.

    For more information about what may best suit your needs or to enrol - just call or email!


    "I have learned mindfulness techniques before and your sessions have provided a depth which has enabled me to now use mindfulness more constructively. I appreciate your attentiveness and interest in people." Terry

    "The program was very useful to help me re-evaluate my thinking and perceptions. It has given me tools to continue with into the future. A heartfelt thank you." Olivia, Teacher

    "Every session was helpful, the information, the reflection, the discussion and the meditation practices and I use it in the classroom." Melissa, Teacher

    "The program was excellent and very relevant to my needs. I found the various meditation practices very useful." K, Allied Health Worker

    "I now accept myself." Sharon, Mother

    "The program opened my eyes to how my mind functions. I have gained great insight into how my mind works and great tools for becoming more mindful in everyday life to find peace." anon

    "Mindfulness has saved me. It was the best part of my recovery. I'm now working and life is on track. I continue the practice." anon

    Others report: "As my practice develops and strengthens I experience deepen awareness, increasing personal insight, am less reactive, manage pain and stress, let go to more acceptance, have greater compassion for myself and others as well as feel generally more peaceful and happier."

    May you be at peace.


    • Masters in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy (Counselling) (MIECAT, Melbourne)
    • Post Grad Diploma in Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT)
    • Neurolinguistic Programming / Neuro Semantics (Petersen Events)
    • Diploma of Oriental Therapies (Shiatsu) (Nature Care College, Sydney)
    • Diploma of Remedial Massage (Nature Care College, Sydney)
    • Yoga Teaching (Oki Yoga Dojo, Japan)
    • Diploma of Teaching (QIT, Brisbane)
    • Cert IV in Workplace Assessment & Training (MADEC, Mackay)

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